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Many people like to go to cool places. Then when they get there they just stand there and pose for a shot in the cool place. I do that too. But I am much more of a fan of going some place cool and doing something cool. Then if feasible I might get a picture of me or someone else doing something cool—known as an “action shot.” Here are a few action shots of my friends and I. Not all of these are actual action shots per say. However, they all at least have an action story that goes along with them. Enjoy.


Sand Skiing, Sand Dunes National Monument, Alamosa, Colorado
The USAFA Nordic Ski Team takes a fall training trip to the dunes. We strap on old “rock” skis and hike to the top of the 600 ft dunes. We turn around and start the exhilarating, high speed descent to the dry creek bed at the bottom of the dunes, hitting 20-25 mph. Here I begin my first run while wearing my friend’s authentic Pakistani garb and a turban. Overnight, Snow had fallen on the Sangre de Cristo range in the background. Sand Dunes National Monument has 40 square miles of dunes and the tallest are 800 ft high. Sept 14, 2002. [Large 1200 x 1600] Click here to see more photos from the sand skiing trip.

Click here to see the Sand Skiing Video (Highly Recommended).


Cliff Jumping, Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada
My huge little brother Mike runs of a cliff and begins his 25 foot descent into the lake. At the moment, we are actually in Canada and the opposite shoreline is in Minnesota. The nearest dirt road or building in either nation is at least a two day’s paddle. Brian stands halfway up the cliff after climbing out of the water. June 27, 2003. [Large 1600 x 1200]


Jeep Skiing, Sand Dunes National Monument, Alamosa, Colorado
Team member Ben B. is pulled for about two miles on the soft sand 4x4 trail. I’m driving and the other Ben is the spotter. Like sand skiing, Jeep skiing will be an Olympic sport in the 2016 Olympics. Start training now. Sept 14, 2002. [Large 1200 x 1600] Click here to see more photos from the sand skiing trip. Click here to see the video from the jeep skiing escapade.


Mount Schwarzhorn, Grindelwald, Switzerland
At the summit of Mount Schwarzhorn (elevation 2928 m, 9608 ft), I pause for moment. So I was going to be in Switzerland for two days. Of course I have to climb a mountain while I’m there. This is the result of my poor decision-making: I am alone, it is past 7pm and the sun is quickly setting. I have to descend 6,000 ft vertical over 12 miles to reach my hotel on a trail I have not taken and do not have a real map for. Nobody knows that I’m in Switzerland, much less on this trail. After a close encounter with a mountain cow, I am lucky enough to catch a ride with a German-speaking Swiss farmer for the last 1/3 of trip back to Grindelwald and am in bed three hours after sunset. Whew. July 8, 2002. [Large 1200 x 1600]


USCSA Nordic Ski Race, Leadville, Colorado
This was taken during the first round of a Nordic ski skating sprint race against Wyoming. Leadville is above 10,000 ft which kind of makes sprinting there an oxymoron. I don’t know how many times people have taken pictures of me during my years of cross country skiing. Without fail, in every single picture I look like a total goon. This is one of the better ones, but I think I still have issues with proper form. At least I get to promote alcohol. January 26, 2003. [Large 1200 x 1600]


Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota
This is the last portage of the last day of our six day, six person venture into the Minnesota-Canadian wilderness. It is an the end of a 12-hour long day of paddling and portage, including a 325 rod (one mile) portage. Between the two of us, my little brother Mike and I carry the 250 lbs of canoe and gear over each overland route. On the mile long portage, we did it on one trip. As usual, the weak attempt to prove our manhood backfires. We had nothing to prove and as a result were writhing in pain for the rest of the day. It was definitely time for a beer. Mike is taking the picture. July 1, 2003. [Large 1200 x 1600]


Three-Thousand feet Altitude, Chisago Lakes, Minnesota
I let my cousin Laura grab the controls of the Cessna 172. We are coming back from Voyager Village, WI and have about 15 minutes until our landing at Anoka County Airport in Blaine, MN. July 17, 2003. [Large 1200 x 1600]


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