Action Shots of Craig and Friends

Gallery 3


Rampart Range, Pike National Forest, Colorado
So there I was. Combat Survival Training after my freshman year. At this point, Iíve had hardly any food for six days. Whatís going through my mind? God, donít let me fail and have to do this again next year. Actually it was a blast. Here, we are waiting for dusk and then weíll try and navigate the Colorado wilderness to our next checkpoint without being detected by the ďaggressorĒ cadre. I had so much fun that I came back the next two years to teach and run the program. June 2000.

Question: If Iím starving, how come my face looks so fat? In the previous 24 hours, Iíve only consumed ants and pond water with iodine tablets.


Snow Mountain Ranch, Tabernash, Colorado
Teammate Dan C. brought cross country skiing ďkickersĒ to the ski team from his home in Lake Tahoe. Here he continues on to do a flip and land in the deep powder. Thatís me off to the side. January 22, 2002. Click here to see video from a similar kicker episode.


Kailua Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
My Friends Harry and Andy joined me for a two-mile sea kayaking expedition out to the left of those two small islands. We then hiked to the back side to do some cliff jumping in a small lagoon. June 14, 2003.


Lake Owasso, Roseville, Minnesota
Okay, there was one point in my life where I could do stupid tricks like holding the rope with my foot while waterskiing. I canít do that any more. June 2001.


Long Lake, Webb Lake Township, Wisconsin
A day of windsurfing at the cabin. I think Iím about to fall backwards off the board at this point. So, no, Iím not very good.

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