Some of Craig's Photography

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I have Canon PowerShot S330 that I got in March 2002—one of the best purchases I ever made. It is only has 2.1 megapixels but captures colors beautifully. I used it to take all of the pictures on this page and most on the website. The camera has turned me into an amateur photographer. However, these pictures hide the fact that I am not very good. If you think these pictures are good, it probably has more to do with the places I have been fortunate enough to travel to. Here we go…


Vltava River Bank, Prague, Czech Republic
A view from a bridge over the main river in Prague, nearing sunset. In my opinion it’s definitely the most beautiful city in Europe. June 30, 2002. [Large 1200 x 1600]


Vernazza, Cinque Terra, Italy
The Cinque Terra is set of five small towns nestled between the Mediterranean and the mountains of northwestern Italy. As the second city of the group, Vernazza began as a safe-haven for Italian pirates over 1500 years ago. A strenuous hiking trail links the five towns via the cliffs between the towns. This photo was taken as we walked the trail from the first town, Monterosso, and descended through terraced vineyards to Vernazza. We ate lunch at the café with the green roof and orange umbrellas right under the fort. July 6, 2002.
[Large 1200 x 1600]


United States Air Force Academy, Colorado
A view from the main academic building toward the terrazzo, chapel, and Rampart Range behind. May 27, 2003. [Large 1200 x 1600]


Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota
At dusk, My little brother Mike fishes a few feet from our campsite during the BWCA adventure. Wow, if only I could go waterskiing on that water. June 30, 2003.
[Large 1200 x 1600]


Lake Birrabeen, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia
A tranquil turquoise lake and white sand beach in the middle of the jungle on our Australia trip. July 26, 2004. [Large 1200 x 1600]


Jungfrau Range and Grindelwald Valley, Grindelwald, Switzerland
This photo was taken from the summit on my evening hike to the peak of Mount Schwarzhorn (elevation 2928 m, 9608 ft). July 11, 2002. [Large 1600 x 1200]



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