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Waldo Canyon Trail, Colorado Springs, Colorado
There’s my friend Ben out ahead of me on a training run. Since moving to Boston, I run much less than when I was in Colorado. The reason for that is you can’t find trails like this in Boston. Challenging singletrack dirt trails with great views of the mountains are the norm in Colorado and accessible every day from the Springs. September 8, 2002.
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Blue Ridge Trail, Snow Mountain Ranch, Tabernash, Colorado
Leaving after dark one Nordic training weekend, three teammates and I are determined to make the 2500 ft vertical, 10 mile trail up to the Blue Ridge summit (10,500 ft altitude) on cross country skis. We spend the night spooning in the tent and return to find that the ambient temperature reached 15° F below zero at the base of the mountain. Nearly as important as the tent and sleeping bags is the hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps. A Nordic team tradition. January 17, 2003. [Large 1200 x 1600]


US Collegiate Ski Association National Championships, Lake Tahoe, California
The is my very last ski race of my collegiate career. It was doing the first classic leg for the three-man relay team with Ben and Caleb. I’d like to think that right here I’m “powering up the hill” on this crazy course cut into the side of the mountain. March 7, 2003.
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Bridger Bowl, Bozeman, Montana
I’m here at the IEEE Aerospace Conference. Well, actually, the winds are whipping at the top of the ridge at Bridger Bowl. I have the avalanche transponder on and get to ski with three engineering PhDs—two have them in snow mechanics. What I should really be doing right now is preparing my conference talk on spacecraft attitude determination that I have the next morning. Actually, no. I think I my priorities are straight—I should be at the top of this ridge. March 12, 2003. [Large 1200 x 1600]


Bull Run 50-Mile Trail Run, Manassas, Virginia
This is around 10 miles (90 minutes) into the 50 mile (nine and a half hour) race. My training buddy and Nordic teammate Will is right behind me. We are leading for team USAFA, crushing the competition from West Point and Annapolis that didn’t show up. Err, yeah. Crushing. As you can tell, the condition were extremely muddy and we also had to cross swollen creeks on six occasions. This was the only running race I’ve done so far that had a lifeguard. The race photographer took this picture. April 12, 2003. [Large 1200 x 1600]


Lion’s Head Winter Trail, Mount Washington, New Hampshire
Chris J., Len, and I make our second attempt to summit up the highest peak in the Northeast. This time we have proper equipment including good boots, crampons, and ice axes. Here I am navigating a sketchy patch of ice and rock. We successful make the top, only to encounter 70 mph winds that make it difficult to stand there. Click here to see video of the 70 mph winds at the summit. February 16, 2004.
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Lake Birrabeen, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia
Okay, it’s maybe more of an inaction shot than an action shot. July 25, 2004.
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